Friday, October 15, 2010

Bloom Day

October 15th marks Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, a monthly event hosted by May Dreams Garden Blog. Happy Bloom Day to all the gardeners out there. Here, there's still quite a lot blooming in the garden but unfortunately I haven't gotten around to photographing this week. So below are some of the images I took last week.

The zinnias are about at the end of the bloom cycle. The stalks are drying up as the temperatures begin to drop. Love the orange color of the first one. And the red was so vibrant and beautiful.

The gaillardia "Oranges and Lemons" still has a few blossoms on it, but is being overtaken by the purple heart which has gone wild and is flattening many of the plants around it. The Coreopsis is still hanging on too. This is the first year I haven't killed it and the larger deeper yellow ones are still alive too, yay!

And last but not least, the two Turk's Caps are still doing well and blooming. I have high hopes these make it through the winter as I've seen several enormous bushes of them around town.
To see what's blooming in other gardens, visit May Dreams Garden's blog.


  1. Ah memories... I just had to pull all my zinnias as they were damaged after several frosty nights... L

  2. Nice looking zinnias. Looks like your garden has lots of nice color.

  3. Nice all the zinnas...I bet they look amazing in the garden :-)

  4. Thanks. They're all gone now that the temperatures are dropping in the mornings. Have to wait another year to enjoy them again.



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