Sunday, June 19, 2011

Through the Central Arbor

Yay, I can log back into Blogger to post! Well, we're on day 4 of a 5 day 100+ temperature heat wave and the flying dirt today has put a kobosh on any outside activities. On an upnote, there's two days in the upcoming week that have a 10-20% chance of rain, so that's exciting. The fourth of July fireworks and concert have already been cancelled due to the fire hazards and we desperately need any precipitation we can get. The gardens are starting to look ratty, unfortunately. Maybe some rain will help perk things up.

Three weeks ago the garden was still looking pretty good. This is looking east through the central arbor. The Knockout roses bloomed their little hearts out and probably need a little haircut now. The Shasta Daisies transplanted last fall put on a great show and grew almost three feet tall. I'm going to have to split it again in the fall or the small path through the arbor will be blocked off. I dug up, well tried to dig up, the Russian Sage on the right hand side which had grown out of control and was supressing everything around it. Still have shoots coming up here and there that have to be pulled out. Think I'll be doing that to the one on left next spring.
The Herb Circle has very little herb. The heat wave fried all the parsley, cilantro and basil seedlings that were coming up. I might as well call it the Blanket flower/daylily circle. Have to say though that Gaillardias have fast become a favorite of mine in the garden. The two water troughs have been heavily visited by the birds this summer so I've been trying to make sure they're filled in the mornings and evenings.
The dayliles transplanted in the fall are doing well around the central arbor. The Shasta Daisies planted behind the rose bush had spindly flowers and stems don't seem as strong as those on the bush on the other side of the arbor.
The Pinata Rose put out less flowers than last year. There also seems to be less yellows and light oranges than previously too. Wonder if this was caused by the drought. The winds have caused the flowers to be ratty looking too.
Happy to say the Hyssop came back on one leg of the arbor and multiplied. The lime green leaves are stunning against the surrounding darker greens. And the bees and butterflies really enjoy the light purple flower stalks.
This little peach daylily is one of my favorites. Don't remember where it came from and there's only one or two in the garden so I'm hoping they will multiply... which they should do if there's every any rain! The rose to the left is on the Pinata bush.
Here's the view looking west.
Like everyone else in town, I ventured into the shops to stay out of the heat. And lucky I did too as I got this cute little side table for a steal ($5)! There's a small chip around one edge but who cares. It's got just enough weight to it to not be knocked over by the winds... at least not yet.
Someday when the weather cools down and we get rain, I will be able to sit here with a cold glass of tea and enjoy the view.   


  1. Lynn, Even with the long drought you have been having, your garden looks good. I wish I could send you some of our rain. It has rained most of the day today (1.80/100 inches) and been getting rain about every other day. Am happy about that so I don't have to water all my new hybridized daylily seeds. Saves on work so I can pull weeds! I'll check in again. Jack

  2. Your gardens look great, especially considering the long drought we're experiencing. I'm hoping we get that rain they're promising.

  3. Jack, after reading your comment I went to look hard at the back garden and smiled. You're right, the garden looks good for a drought. And can I just say that I'm impressed that you're growing dayliies from seeds!

    HolleyGarden, I've got my fingers crossed that both our areas get some rain soon too!

  4. Your garden is so pretty! I hope it does cool enough for you to enjoy your sitting area. I just can't even imagine it being that hot here. Two summers ago we set records by getting over 100 degrees and I couldn't handle it for that one day. Hope you get some rain.

  5. Texas, land of extreme weather! In the pictures your garden looks lovely... I hope you get some reviving rain and cooler temps soon.

  6. I like how you have your beds laid out. That table was a great deal, and it looks nice with the chair. I think you should let some Russian sage grow somewhere. It seems to do well on little moisture.



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