Friday, May 11, 2012

Fertilizer Friday, May 11, 2012

Here in West Texas we have been blessed to have several chances of rain in the last two weeks. In my area we've reach above 3 inches in rain to date this year. One of the local weatherman announced last night that we would have to get 30 inches of rain before the end of the year to make up for the several drought from last year and barring a major flood before December that's just not going to happen. We will be very lucky if we hit 15-18 inches before the end of the year. However, today I'm just going to celebrate the beautiful abundance that the rain has brought to my strolling garden.
My little book fairy statue tucked under a miniature rose bush, which is actually around 3 feet tall, and by lilies and daylilies.Growing on the trellis behind is a yellow Lady Banks which frankly hasn't seemed to have grown in the three years it's been in the ground. Fast growing rose my foot.
Larkspur Lane gone amuck. Beautiful though. Pulled up a bouquet of them from the walkway to take to a co-worker today. Three of my colleagues have asked for larkspur seeds from my garden. Can't wait to see what color the hollyhocks are that are towering over the garden bench in the background.
The Shasta Daises are loving the gentle rain we've received over the last two day. I'm loving it too!
The Gaillardia seems even brighter this cloudy day.
The Zebrina Mallow is blooming their little hearts away. They're shorter than I expected at less than 2 feet tall but their flowers are so abundant right now.
The Yarrow is spreading like crazy in the front bed. It's popping up everying in the grass. I knew the plants were hardy but I had no idea they would fast spreaders and crowd out the roses and salvias. The silvery dusty miller looks striking against all the shades of green.
The black of Nigra Hollyhocks is eye catching on a cloudy day but looks washed out on a bright sunny one. I plan to pull these out at the end of the year to put in some more colorful ones. 
The Ditch Lily, the tallest of my daylilies, is the first to bloom this year. The middle of last month I was noticing that all the daylilies were going into stress and showing signs of dying back but the cloudy days and gentle rains over the last two weeks seemed to have made a difference. Hoping this keeps up for the next two months as May and June are our raining month.

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  1. We have also been blessed with some rain showers on and off this last week, thankfully. You have some great plants in your gardens.

    1. Thanks, Darla. It's early on in the year but so far the garden is doing much better than last year despite the fact that we have not had more than 3 inches of rain so far.

  2. Hi Lynn. I love your bed of yarrow. SO pretty. But that Black Hollyhock is fantastic. I saw them in the catalogs but they look prettier in your garden. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Hi, Lona! If you would like some of the seeds let me know. I can send you some when they're ready to be collected.

  3. All your flowers look fabulous! That larkspur lane is amazing!

  4. Thanks, Holley! Loving the larkspur. Have already collected two bouquets and have three co-workers who want seeds for their yards.

  5. Just catching up on your posts. Love these latest ones.

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