Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Drought's Over

May was a wild and wet month. Unusual amounts of rain and its persistence throughout the month made this May the second wettest in Lubbock history. Many other parts of Texas and Oklahoma saw unusually heavy rainfall as well. Most of Texas is no longer classified as being under drought conditions anymore, which is a blessing after four long, very dry years.We had bouts of flooding throughout the month but the city's drainage system did its job in diverting the overflow into our playa lake system. As someone who loves rain this month has been the best one in a very long time. The local cotton farmers aren't happy with their fields being so damp but if the fields can dry out before the June 5th deadline for planting all this rain might be a major windfall for them this season.
Here some photos taken in early May of my backyard garden shortly before an evening storm rolled in and lit up the sky with lightning and thunder.
The photos are a little blurry, unfortunately, but with wind being a constant in West Texas it is hard to find a non-windy day to take photos. The grass hasn't yet greened up and filled it. That's certainly not the case by the end of the month.
 Incidentally, these images were taken close to 9 pm and the sky was so amazingly light for such a late hour.
Here's hoping we continue to get some rainfall in June too. I only had to run the sprinkler system once in May. How awesome is that!


  1. Your garden looks great! You must be happy to finally be getting a substantial amount of rain.

  2. Thanks! Besides greening up the place all the rain has helped lower the temperatures and reduced the utility bill. May was a great month for this gardener.



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