Monday, May 10, 2010

A Windy Day and Not Much to Watch on TV

With winds clocking up to 59 miles an hour today, working out in the yard after work was out of the question. Did manage to water the newly expanded bed and sadly wilted re-planted perennials which had been dried out by the high winds. So many roses unnecessarily de-flowered by the wind. Grrrrr.  Oh well, got my fix by watching some saved gardening shows on the dvr. How sad is it that HGTV no longer carries many of its popular gardening shows anymore? I loved "A Gardener's Diary" and have about 8 episodes saved. I would have saved more episodes had I know that HGTV was getting rid of the "gardening" part to move towards only being a DYI show revolving around fixing up, decorating, and buying/selling the home. Some online research revealed that the network has no plans to release the episodes on dvd nor re-air any episodes anytime soon. Even shows such as "Gardening By the Yard" and "Curb Appeal" are rarely aired. Thank goodness for PBS and a local church channel air new episodes of P. Allen Smith's two gardening shows.


  1. there might be something on youtube - sometimes you can find programmes on there that are longer than 10 minutes. Btw welcome to Blotanical. Look forward to getting to know you and your garden :) Rosie

    Youre welcome over at my place any time.

  2. Thanks. There are a few snippets of "A Gardner's Diary" online but I sure wish all the episodes were available to view in their entirety. I didn't discover the show until the last two seasons aired on HGTV. Seeing other's gardens is always such an inspiration.



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