Friday, June 4, 2010

Fertilizer Friday - June 4, 2010

The lilies have started unfurling and putting on their show. I have probably 500 bulbs in the beds around the house, half of which were gifts from friends. The height, elegance and colors are what make liles one of my top 5 favorite flowers to grow. The irises make up the bulk of these bulbs but my lilies and daylilies are pretty spectacular and are worth mentioning.
Above is an unnamed white Asiatic Lily that I've had for years and brought with me to my new home. The color white is such a stunner in the garden. It stands out and helps the colors around it shine. And in the evenings, light colors such as white glow and make the garden feel ethereal... which is probably why Moon Gardens are so popular. They invite you to take a stroll in the dusk, when scents seem to be stronger.
The tallest daylily in my garden so far. They were given to me by my co-worker so wanted to remove them from her vinca bed. Even though we had dug up all the daylilies there must have been parts of the roots left behind because she has more lilies popping up in her bed this year. She said these color of daylilies were called "Ditch Lilies" in the south because they often grew wild in ditches alongside the road. I love the height they offer in the gardenbeds.
Another type of "Ditch Lily" with a lighter color.
Another unnamed Asiatic Lily. This one is the tallest of my lilies, reaching close to 4 feet tall. Can't really say there's much of a scent, partly because it's in the center of the bed and I can barely reach forward to grab it. The color makes a strong statement, that's for sure. It's also the first of the lilies to bloom each year.
This little beauty was planted this spring. Home Depot gave out a buy one, get one free coupon for their spring bulbs and I picked up a mixed bag of unnamed lilies and a bag of frilly peach gladiolas. The lilies are pretty small, maybe 12-18 inches tall but hopefully will grow taller next year. Below is another lily from the same package and has a little white around the center.
Below is a fragrant daylily I purchased from Home Depot last spring. I bought two pots and divided up the lilies before planting them. They were scattered around the garden and have done really well. They are also rebloomers and get around 3 ft tall. The original tag stated it was a "Polynesian Delight Daylily" but the image on the tag, which is a pink flower, looks nothing like the one below. 
A "Darius" Daylily planted two weeks ago in a section of the side bed I'm working on expanding. It's suppose to grow to be about 22 inches tall.
The common "Stella D'Or" daylily is very hard, multiples each year and adds a nice splash of yellow around the garden. That said, it doesn't get very tall and is probably my least favorite of the daylilies.
This one might be a "Stella D'Or" too, I'm not sure. I think it came from a friend's garden. Garden gifts from friends are the best because not only are they free but they are a reminder of the person who gave them to you.
And last but not least is another unnamed Asiatic Lily from the Home Depot purchase from this spring.

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  1. Your lilies look great, mine are just starting to open up-enjoy!

  2. Thanks. The blooming of the lilies always marks the beginning of summer for me. Though it sure is starting out to be a miserably hot one. We are predicted to hit 100 or more 4 times this week. Yikes!

  3. Your true Lilies and Daylilies are all just beautiful. Last evening I went around and picked one or two of every daylily so I could just look at them all together. The darkest ones are my favorites. Most of the LA Hybrid lilies are almost done here, but Orientals are just getting started. June is a wonderful time.

  4. I am totally impressed! Your lilies are wonderful. Thanks for sharing so many varieties! Paula from Idaho

  5. Thankfully we did not get all the hail we got from last year. Half of my lilies got knocked off the stalks before opening then. So it's been a nice surprise getting to see what blooms and what color each lily is. The Ditch Lilies are my favorite right now due to their height. Great sight swaying in the wind.

  6. 500? A veritable lily garden. Lovely colours and fragrances no doubt. Any probs with lily beetle? Mine tend to be shredded even with diligent bettle squashing


  7. Hi, Laura. Sorry for the late reply. I just now saw it. I have about 500 bulbs, but that's including all the bulbs, not just lilies. I probably only have about 40-50 of those. I need to expand the beds so I can add more of those. I really haven't had problems with lily beetles. The biggest problem has been either bulb rot in late winter to early spring in those years we get a lot of moisture and/or wind and hail during the spring. 60 mile winds just rip the petals off of everything.



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