Friday, July 23, 2010

I Spy

About three weeks ago I came home to find someone waiting for me on my front stoop. Well, in the floor bed by the front door to be exact. A tortoise was munching on some scraggly pansies and, upon seeing me, froze and tried to blend in. I was going to ignore him and leave him alone until I thought about the neighbor kids getting ahold of him or worse him getting run over. So, just grabbed him and placed him in the back yard. He could have his own garden of eden of sorts. I've no idea how you tell a male from a female tortoise so I'm just gonna call it a him and named him Yertle the Turtle. Isn't he cute? Hopefully he'll earn his keep and do bug patrol. I did learn later after some research on the net that Yertle probably was in my front yard munching on a few stray bits of cat food I had left out for the neighborhood stray. Yertle confirmed he loved cat food after I put a small pile of it in front of him and he immediately pounced on it.


  1. Think you've got yourself a lovely Yertle there. The pattern on his/her shell is very strikibg and hope that Yertle sticks to cat food and does not develop a love for garden plants.


  2. That's my big fear. He'll enjoy the variety of plant selection so much he'll skip the snails and bugs. The indoor cats flipped out when they saw he walking across the yard towards the water fountain. One made so much racket I thought one of the neighborhood strays was chasing birds in the back yard.



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