Friday, July 23, 2010

An opportunity almost lost

Last year the Garden and Arts Center had one of its plant sale fundraisers and I picked up what looked like a small iris bulb. The volunteer told me it was a Blackberry Lily, which I had seen pictures of in one of my gardening magazines but had never seen in person. It was a steal for $3. Well, after a long year wait, I discovered it had started blooming already. Seems I missed the other three blooms and got to see the last one. That's what happens when you're so busy that you forget to stroll the beds to see what's bloom! Hopefully I won't miss the full show next year.


  1. Never heard of a blackberry lily but it seems a misnomer for one so tangily orange. Beautiful


  2. PatioPatch, I thought I had replied to your post already but it doesn't look like it posted. It really is a lovely little flower. I think it's called a Blackberry Lily due to the fact that when it's seed pods split open it looks like little black berries are inside.



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