Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bloom Day for March, 2011

There's not much color yet in the garden to film for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day right now. Mostly everything's just green, which is much welcome after a winter that seems to have gone on forever. We're having summer-like weather this week in West Texas and the plants seem to be responding by doubling each day. The blue Scabiosas did so well in the small bed last year that I've already dug several up and planted them in the other beds. The only pink one I had died within the first two months.
A few of the Dianthus survived and this little one is the first to bloom.
About two-thirds of the Snapdragons croaked it seems.  This one plant is full of buds though so it will interesting to see if there's more colors than yellow on the plant.
 Candytuft is a plant I've never been successful in keeping alive to long. This one was planted two weeks ago. Hopefully it will still be alive a month from now. White is the main color I want to increase in the garden this year.
Finally got a decent shot of the yellow mini-rose I planted yesterday. Such a cheerful little thing.
The Daffodils are going to town in the garden. It was a bit hard to shoot them due to the breeze again.
There are lot of plants coming up everywhere that are announcing spring is here. The lilies are breaking through the ground and reaching for the sun. The Asiatics particularly are growing like weeds. I left a small portion of their stalks last year so that I wouldn't make the mistake of accidently digging up the bulbs again this year. In the background, the Irises and Daylilies are perking up too.
The Veronicas are leafing up and mounded up into small bushes now. Everyone should have these!
And the Morden Pinks (at least I think that's what it is, I have to find the tag for it) is coming up too.
And I know this isn't a plant but artwork adds color and fun to the garden. This piece caught my eye at Hobby Lobby and I plan to go back and pick up a few more of these metal flowers.
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  1. A strolling garden - sounds wonderful! I have a blue scabiosa that has done extremely well, too. I need to remember to get more. I can't keep candytuft alive, either. Your daffodils are pretty, and I love that yellow rose!

  2. Hi Lynn. Just look at your spring blooms already.Your Scabiosas is so pretty and so is the Candytuft. I have plant some I grew from seed along my walkway and hope they will bloom for the first time this spring. Your lilies are far ahead of mine. Love lilies.

  3. Hi, HolleyGarden! The Scabiosas have turned out to be such amazing plants. I've already divided them once and so far have not yet killed any of the transplants from the fall. And more buds have appeared in the last two days. I love the yellow rose too - so Texan, you know - so much so that I bought two more. Just need to plant them now.

  4. Lona, Hi! The Lilies are really growing by leaps and bounds. It's been warmer than normal so that probably has something to do with it. Hopefully we don't get a late freeze in April like the one last year which killed half the leaves on the lily stalks. They still bloomed though, bless 'em!



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