Saturday, March 19, 2011

To move or not to move?

Talk about surprises. A week ago the clematis plant in the skinny front side bed started greening up. Quickly inspecting the front beds last night I was shocked to discover that same clematis has more than doubled, is covered with leaves and now there's at least 12 buds on the plant. I had not expected it to grow this fast. The two in the back are only a third this size. I guess it's true what they say about clematises [or is it clemati?] - they really do leap in the third year!

Above is a close up of several of the fuzzy buds. I thought they were leaves about to unfurl until the got bigger and more almond shaped. I can't remember which variety this one is, hopefully the tag is somewhere in the baskets in the garage so I can figure out what the name of the clematis is finally. The blooms are a gorgeous blue-purple color. The rare rain we had this morning, little though it was, is probably just going to encourage more growth.
So, here's my dilemma: Should I dig it up and relocate it to the back arbor and leave it alone? Do clematises transplant well? Any advice would be great! I don't want to drill in the brick and this bed, which is very small and runs between the garage wall and the front sidewalk, is not deep enough [as there's concrete underneath after about a foot] to put in a taller a trellis - which is why I've got three smaller trellises side by side - and, most importantly, I'm about the most unhandy do-not-do-it yourselfer out there. I originally thought about putting s-hooks into the small overhang from the garage and hanging chicken wire from the hooks. Problem is I'm afraid to drill holes into the overhang. And with the high winds we sometimes get, particularly in the spring, I wonder if the wire would be ripped away from the wall. So, what would you do?  Dig it up and move it to the back yard arbor or take the risk and rig up the s-hook/chicken wire trellis?


  1. haha - I know your dilemma. I have transplanted clemetis with success, but the problem is in breaking the vine trying to get it untied to the trellis. So, I would probably let it bloom, and transplant it this fall. I understand about not wanting to get on ladders. I would place a flat arbor on that wall - that will give you the height without having to climb! Good luck with your decision.

  2. Thanks for the good advice. I think you're right about waiting until fall - I would hate to transplant it before I get to see the blooms.

  3. I've also transplanted Clematises with good luck, but it is the vine breaking that makes it tricky. Do you have room for a obelisk/tuteur type of trellis? I've found a couple that are very narrow and fit in a narrow garden. Then I put a couple of heavy stones on the very bottom of the rungs to keep it from blowing over.

  4. I didn't think of a tuteur. Great suggestion, thanks!



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