Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Lull in the Gale

The early hours of this morning were marked by loud, howling winds. I'm a light sleeper so it probably bothered me more than others in the neighborhood. However, it was a nice surprise to find that by 11 am the wind had slowed down enough that I could go work in the beds without flying dirt and gravel hitting me. It was a bit chilly but as the day went on it got rather pleasant. I guess the wind changed direction or something because it didn't seem to be more than 15 miles a hour. So, for the first time in over a week I got to play in the dirt. Wahoo!

This trumpet vine is so lovely and a survivor. It's on the east fence and battles winds, which repeatedly rip it off the fence, and the neighbor's dogs which jump up on the fence from the other side. The winds cause it to get all tangled up and not drape over the fence where it can stretch out and grow... or perhaps my neighbors don't like it and are pushing it back over the fence? Who knows. I originally planted it on this part of the fence to help anchor it as the dogs and wind were causing the fence to lean back a little. Whatever the reason, it's such a lovely plant. Love the apricot-y color with the yellow center.
Actually took this photo the evening before, when there was a lull in the gale. Isn't this a gorgeous blue?
This cheerful pink dianthus came back and is nestled underneath some other plants. The color is actually a lot brighter than in the photo.
Okay, this is the front bed clematis that needs to be transplanted in the fall. It really followed the say that it leaps in the third year. It's covered with buds and the three mini-trellises are not enough to support it. The bed is a very small strip between the garage and walkway and is only about a 1 foot deep, so I can't get a big trellis in the bed. I THINK this might be the H. F. Young Clematis but don't quote me on that. That's the only clematis tag I've found so far going through the containers filled with old plant tags.
I THINK this is the Bridal Wreath Spirea plant I planted last year. It's so lovely with all its small white clusters of flowers and it's a shame it only blooms for a short time... which unfortunately for this year is during high winds when I can't really get to enjoy it like I wish I could.

There's a lot more blooming in the strolling garden and I hope to get more pictures up this coming week.


  1. Very pretty. You have some beautiful blooms. Glad you got to go out and play in the dirt!

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