Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Very Blustery Day

This week has been so busy with work that not a lot of work has happened in the garden, much to my dismay. It's spring and I want to play in the garden but work calls me away. Hopefully I'll be able to play in the dirt later on this coming week and finish up the edging for the curved strolling beds. The winds are galing today, possibly up to 40 miles an hour according to The Weather Channel. I can believe it. I can hear it wailing around the house and, looking outside the window, I can see the garden whipping around. Watching the 7 foot plus canes of the climbing roses flapping about makes me cringe and send up a prayer to protect my roses. Hey, I've waited months for these suckers to get buds on them again. Since the outdoors are a wash I'm getting my gardening fix by watching old episodes of A Gardener's Diary, Gardening By the Yard, and The Victory Garden that are saved on my DVR. Sure wish I could figure out a way to save these to dvd.
Meanwhile, I thought I'd post a few pictures I took on Saturday night at a banquet. The images were taken at the Wind Power Museum, which owns a very unique and variety collection of windmills and I believe even has it's own wind turbine that produces electricity. During the meal someone pulled open one of the large garage doors that close off the patio entertaining area so that everyone could wait the sun go down behind the windmills. I heard several gasps as people took in the site.
Aside from wind, West Texas is notable for its glorious sunsets. The colors you see are as bright and pastel-y (if there were such a word) as one would see in paintings. Visiting friends from outside of Texas are amazed at the color of our sunsets. Course, if they were here today they would see the other side of our skies - the pinkish-purple haze that occurs when there's high winds and flying dirt. That's truly a part of West Texas life as well.


  1. Very blustery here, too. These strong sustained winds are not supposed to be common here, but more and more they are becoming that way. :( Love your windmill photos!

  2. The windmills are fun, aren't they? The wind seems to have slowed down a little now. Hoping they get back to a more normal pace soon.

  3. Those are truly amazing photos and so west Texas. We drive west in the summer often staying the first night in Big Spring or Lamesa. We marvel at the wind farms there and even were held up one time by a blade being transported round a difficult corner on the road. Yes, there is plenty of wind out there to harness. Someone told us how the pioneer women were driven crazy by the wind. I am about to be driven crazy myself this week. The wind has been awful, thrashing everything around and knocking all the petals off the roses and the leaves and flowers off the oak trees. Such a mess.What we really need is rain.

  4. Oh boy, you must be reading my mind. The wind is horrible today (Saturday) and there have been high wildfire alerts this week. So I'm kind of trapped inside until the winds calm down a bit. The wind farms are amazing to see when you come up upon them up on the hills. Like enormous white crosses twirling in the distance.



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