Sunday, May 22, 2011

Arkansas Part 1

This is a little departure from my garden in West Texas. This week I was attending a conference in Little Rock and was amazed how beautiful this place was. So lush and green... and there were bodies of water nearby! So different from home. I don't know why people knock this place. It's beautiful and the downtown area we were staying at had a river path surrounded by sculptures and gardens.  During a break in the meeting I got to pop down and tour this amazing garden by the river.
 The thing that most intrigued me were the berms around the garden. Patina-ed metal sheets backed the berms and small bushes with flowers in shades of purples added color splashes.
 Grasses also gave height to the landscape.
 Looking closer I realized the plants were herbs and ran my hand lightly over the plants. What a lovely smell. I think these were oregano plants. I just planted one at the front of one of my strolling beds and hope it blooms like these plants.
 Some of the berms were backed by rocks and the herbs seemed to be very happy growing in between the crevices. My friend thought they were lavender plants but I assured her they weren't because I've killed every variety of lavender I've come across. Totally cannot grow those things here no matter how much I try to amend our clay soil.
I loved the dancing rabbits sculpture. They reminded me of the wild jackrabbits running around town.
 If I was a sculpture this is the place I'd want to be placed, right next to a flowing river.
 I did not see labels on the sculptures but then I didn't have a lot of time to look for them.
Now this is a blue bird you wouldn't want to tangle with in the garden!
This deer looked right at home among the grasses.
The startling blue of this scultpure called one over to have a closer look.
 In a set off circular part was a little rose garden with a sculpture in the center. The knockout roses fit so well with the dark sculpture of a woman holding a single stemed red rose.
Little Rock seemed to have a lot going on with the arts and cultural events. Who knew?


  1. Hi Lynn, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. It looks like you were able to get the most out of your trip to Little Rock. I especially like the blue horse sculpture and the woman with the rose - I'm sure I've seen that before somewhere.

  2. Lovely. I really enjoyed that visit to the sculpture park. Makes me want to add something artistic to my own garden.

  3. I haven't been to Little Rock in many years, but I was born there. I'm not *too* surprised to see artistic touches, since the University of Arkansas is in Little Rock.

  4. Hi, Jayne! The blue horse was one of my favorite sculptures too.

    Mac, the sculpture park made me want to add something new to my garden too. I even set up a spot for a new piece but haven't found it yet.

    Sweetbay, you were born in a lovely place. Gardening must be much easier there since it seems to get a decent amount of rain and there seemed to be lots of public planting spaces around.



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