Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bloomin' Wednesday

A little mid-week recap on what's bloomin' in the strolling garden:
 This lovely asiatic lily is new to the garden. I THINK it was one of 20 mixed lily bulbs my best friend sent me as a surprise gift following my shoulder surgery. Seated and very slowly planting with one hand while trying not to move the wrong way with the recovering shoulder was an interesting experience. It will totally be worth it to see all the different lilies blooming this year.
This very short asiatic lily was planted a month ago. It should come back taller and bigger each year. It was the first one to bloom this spring and the color popped from across the yard.
Three blossoms have opened up on the Bird of Paradise Bush. It'll be covered with blossoms for the next 4 weeks or so. The bees love this plant so if you're allergic to bees don't plant it anywhere near places you occupy often.
 I planted quite a few seeds this year and amazingly many of them took root. Only problem is I can't remember what the heck this plant is. Every day I stop by to see if it's bloomed but no luck so far. It looks a little like a gaillardia but I don't recall planting any of those. Oh well, something fun to look forward to!
And on a sad note, when I left for work this morning this tall stalk held up 7 small flower heads that would have been gorgeous pink daylilies. Bought this fragrant variety of reblooming daylily from Home Depot two years ago and already divided and replanted some this past fall. This clump was one of those divisions. Came home to a headless stalk, thanks to the strong winds today. So that's 7 blooms I won't see this year. As I do not own a wind turbine nor lease out my land for one I can honestly say that the wind sucks and I wish it would bug off... at least for a while. Sheesh! My lawn is covered with rose petals that have been ripped off the plants. You'd think there'd been a wedding under the three-legged gazebo.


  1. My asiatic lilies have buds, no blooms yet. Your bird of paradise bush is amazing! Sorry about your lost blooms. I've never liked the wind.

  2. Did you plant any cornflowers? (Centaurea). Cornflower leaves have that white silky stuff.

    Your lilies are fantastic. Every lily is exciting to me, especially waiting for mixed lilies to see the first bloom.

    I'm waiting for the first asiatic (Blackout) but some LAs have opened. Lily season is one of my favs.

  3. I planted several packets of "mixed" flowers. Perhaps there were some cornflowers in them? That would be awesome since I've never planted this plant before.

    Lilies are in my top three favorite flowers. Good luck with your lilies. I bet they'll be gorgeous.



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