Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Early Spring Garden

Today is a rare treat in West Texas - a cloudy, drizzly wet day. Awesome! Three months into the new year and we have yet to receive a full inch of rain in my area. The little rain and snow we've received has been light and soft, and therefore the moisture is not getting down deep into the soil. But we will take whatever comes our way, even a little drizzle. Everything looks great here when it's wet, even the obnoxious weeds in the Bermuda. So I'm just having a lazy day watching the drizzle and QVC's Cottage Farms and Robert's Garden on the tele. 

Spring is already here in the garden. The daylilies leaves have popped up and tripled in the last three weeks and the daffodils are finally blooming. The larkspur plugs that I've been digging up out of the grass [see photo above] can be seen in this photo with the blooming daffs. Hopefully they'll get big enough to hide the ugly brown stalks of the daffodils after they've bloomed. The patch of light green in the upper part of this photo is larkspur growing in the grass between the two beds. This is where I've been digging up transplants.
 I also found a large plug of scabiosa that had reseeded itself in the grass. Dug it up and replanted back into the bed. The roots were pretty thick so I think this one will survive the transplanting.
 This purple and light green combination is striking. The larkspur reseeded across the walkway into this bed and has come up through the voilas. Free plants, wahoo! So by the time the heat starts killing the violas the larkspur should be blooming. I have to say one of the things I love the most about larkspur is its soft, feathery texture. I always run my hands over it whenever I walk by.
 Don't remember the variety name for these cheerful violas but the color is striking from across the garden. Hopefully these will reseed before the heat comes around. Which apparently is next week. We are having 20-30 degree temperature changes within the week, which confuses the plants and causes everyone's allergies to go wild. Basically normal spring weather here in West Texas.


  1. You have a nice blog; it came up on google. Thanks for helping me identify the pretty feathery plants coming up in our flower bed as larkspur. Now I won't pull them up. We inherited whatever is in there when we moved in, so we'll see what else comes up! (We're in west Texas too.) Thanks!

  2. You'll love the larkspur. Their height and colors really add something special to the garden. Two of my colleagues have asked me to save them some seed from my plants after they've bloomed this summer so they can add larkspur to their gardens. And yay, another West Texas gardener!

  3. Love, love your gardens... you are so right about getting the bug! I've always bought plants and have tried many different ones when I was in Florida (indoors and outdoors). Since moving to Missouri, I have gone absolutely mad with gardening! It is my best friend and I so look forward to it in Spring time! Your blue violas are amazing! I just purchased the regular purple/yellow variety, sadly I think they will just die here in this zone 6 and not re-seed. I have to give plants away on occasion because they crowd out other plants! It's a bummer but it also gives me pleasure to share!



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